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Share Your Story

How has the Washington County Food Pantry changed your life?

Everyone has a story – and we want to share them.
Storytelling has always been a big part of community and relationships. We’re looking to hear stories from a time you or someone you know has utilized the food pantry’s services or who has volunteered at the food pantry. Why? It’s important to remind people that hard times can fall upon anyone and that everyone deserves empathy. We want to give a voice to our community members to share their stories, which can only help bring us closer together.

What kind of stories are we looking for?

  • A time when you had trouble making ends meet or had to choose between buying food or paying rent, medical bills, or other expenses
  • A story of someone you know who struggles with hunger and how they were helped
  • How the Washington County Food Pantry has assisted you in other ways than providing food
  • Why you volunteer at the Washington County Food Pantry or take part in food drives for the pantry
  • The reason you donate to the Washington County Food Pantry
  • How your organization/business has benefitted by partnering with the Washington County Food Pantry

Where will your story be shared?
If selected, your story may be published on our website, newsletters, social media, and with our donors.
We understand that sharing your story is scary. At the food pantry, it is our number one priority to serve our community with compassion and understanding. We know that hunger and food insecurity can be a tough subject to talk about, and our team is dedicated to protecting your privacy. Your story will remain anonymous.
We hope that by sharing the stories of people who have used and supported the food pantry, we can help our community better understand the value of these resources and help people access the help they need.

Story Submission Form

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