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February 22, 2023

Here For Good Campaign is Underway

The Washington County Food Pantry board of directors announces the launch of a comprehensive “Awareness Campaign” during 2023. “Here for Good” is the name they have given to this campaign that seeks to educate the community about the Washington County Food Pantry and its future goals.

Food Pantry Strategic Director, Denise Cada ““Here for Good” is meant to convey a feeling of stability, security and commitment to our patrons and Washington County in its entirety. According to Cada, “ We want our patrons as well as our supporters to know that we are actively working to build a secure future – we plan to be here for the long run and continue to change and grow to meet the needs of our communities.”

“We have seen the pantry and thrift store become a ‘community hub’ of sorts. A place for assistance if food insecure, a fun place to shop and also a safe harbor to seek help with other forms of assistance”, said Cada.

JoEllen Maras, current board president states, “We have found that the lack of a centralized system for assistance really drives people to come visit us and seek help. Because of this, our board and staff are working hard to develop a plan for our future. We recognize our need for more physical space to serve patrons, more space for a larger thrift store and also space to offer
vital services to those in need. It’s an exciting time for our organization and we invite the general public to stop by and say hello! Find out what we’re all about – I think they might be surprised at what they’ll find.”

Board Vice President Jim Brown also shared, “Our partnership with the Washington County Community Foundation allows the community to make a legacy gift to our endowment fund that will support the long-term sustainability of the Washington County Food Pantry. While we continue to work on solving future space needs, we have completed a new website which includes an online donor portal and also a campaign video that tells our story.

Here for Good
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